About Sutton Hill Stables

Family fun Horse Riding Lessons in the Annapolis valley, NS
Where learning and fun go hand in hand.

Sutton Hill Stables was started in 2006. When we bought the property we had a well built 19 stall horse barn, a coverall riding arena, hay barn, home and utility shed. We have made upgrades on all the buildings and have worked on the pastures to make it a top quality horse facility.

The owners are Jim and Barb Baker. Jim Baker rides and has owned horses for 20 years. Jim was a Biologist but he gave that up to run his own business. Jim owns Golden Silk Screening and is the majority shareholder owner of Equine Specialties, a company that manufactures and distributes salt lick holders across North America. Barb works for Acadia University in the Grad department and we live at the farm with our son Ian.



Phone: 902-542-7832 Fax: 902-876-0395 E-mail:office@suttonhillstables.ca

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